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Fun facts about Ann:

Can rarely be seen without a book.

Enjoys playing the piano.

Has 3 Chihuahuas she adores.

Secretly wishes she could sing.

Swam with dolphins.



Ann Ritz

Director of Prevention & Care

Fun facts about Carla:

Likes sports but not games.

Has never been to the circus.

Does not like brussels sprouts.

Has been to the top of the Arch more than once.

Has been to the Wizard of Oz Museum in Wamego, Kansas.


Carla G.

Program Manager, Case Management

Fun facts about Lynn:

Loves dressing up for Halloween.

During Christmas season, she could pass for a human Christmas tree.

Lives to bake for others.

Is a big kid at heart and has no intentions of ever growing up.

Secretly wishes she was the 4th Stooge.



Lynn A.

Waiver Case Manager

Fun facts about Meghan:

Proudly hails from the Chicagoland area.

When applicable, will un apologetically quote lines from "Friends" during conversations.

Avid reader, music lover and fest goer.

Corgi enthusiast!  Has a 2yr old Cardigan Corgi named Oliver.

Enjoy's traveling, and has visited 11 countries.


Meghan H.

Case Management Educator

Fun facts about Tabasha:

Drove trucks in the Army National Guard.

The Exotic Angels Motorcycle Social Club was founded by her.

Rides a Honda CBR 600 motorcycle.

A massive collection of flip-flops litters her home.

Three beautiful children call her "Mom".


Tabasha Holloman

Linkage Coordinator

Fun facts about Lisa:

Loves to sew, play the mandolin, and sing - "None of which I do very well."

Only likes to sing one song at karaoke: "Leader of the Pack", by the Shangri-Las.

Though staunchly a "dog person", has no dogs, but has a cat named Monk; after the Jazz musician Thelonious Monk, not the TV show...(People always ask.)

Hates bananas and everything about them; except that bananas are yellow!

Biggest fears are catching on fire, and being forgotten/left behind.


Lisa I.

Case Manager

Fun facts about Charlie:

Is heavily addicted to tea and has a shelf of tea and hot water heater that allows him to have tea at 208 degrees anytime.

Has an 11-year old Yorkshire Terrier named Sparkle that has no teeth and is 10 pounds, but in charge of everything.

Loves dancing and singing, but his relative skill is debatable.

Likes sparkly things.

Has a part-time job as a bike taxi driver.


Charlie J.

Waiver Case Manager

Fun facts about Thomas:

Likes to cook, bake, grill and experiment with food.

Watches Si-Fi, cartoons and the history channel.

Has 11 sisters and 2 brothers.

Has been to Europe, Asia and attended a concert at Carnegie Hall.

Owns a cat named Odette.


Thomas J.

Case Manager

Fun facts about Megan:

Was a Peace Corps Volunteer in Mozambique, Africa.

A practicing Doula, and coaches Moms through childbirth.

Starts nursing school in the Fall of 2015.

Loves to go to music shows - has seen Tom Petty, Bob Dylan, Weezer, and The Dead, to name a few.

Obsessed with all things Frida Kahlo.


Megan K.

Case Manager

Fun facts about Betsy:

Does not like the taste, smell or texture of melon - any melon.

Loves the abundance of Bald Cypress Trees that live in Tower Grove Park.

Can often be found running in Tower Grove Park.

Worked as a Lactation Counselor (you know, with breasts and babies). 

Makes the most amazing guacamole - at least that’s what I’ve been told.


Betsy L.

Case Manager

Fun facts about Tonie:

Needs rehab for her popcorn addiction, but will never go.

Has gone to more outdoor concerts than indoor concerts.

Enjoys boxing more than any woman should.

Serious case of Musophobia (fear of mice).

Loves bright colors but plans to someday have an all-white wardrobe.


Tonie M.

Linkage to Care Case Manager

Fun facts about Keith:

Has a 6-year old Greyhound named Niles, that howls like a werewolf.

Rarely uses an oven; prefers grilling year round.

Loves good BBQ.

Big addiction to sandals.

Born and raised in N.C.  He's a country boi with a twist!


Keith M.

Health Coach

Fun facts about Tiffany:

Loves to dance!  Appreciates all kinds.  Fav's are Hip-Hop, Contemporary, Flamenco & Salsa / Bachata.

A total foodie!!  Eating, baking and cooking bring her great happiness.  Especially Dark Chocolate.

Caffeine sensitive.  Pretty much has no tolerance so if you ever see her with a soda or coffee, WATCH OUT for some bouncing off the walls!

Plays softball and kickball at Tower Grove Park and has love for sports (go Card's!) and thrill seeking activities in general.

She, and boyfriend Steve, have two dogs, Maya (Beagle age 3) and Lora (Rottweiler mix age 8).  There are more dogs than people in our family during holidays and get togethers.


Tiffany M.

Case Manager

Fun facts about Katie:

Is an Iowa girl but loves St. Louis and all there is to do here.

Can be seen year round in the office in a wool sweater and fleece blanket freezing.

Has a hard time deciding whether to do things right or left handed.

Is years behind on TV and movies and rarely watches them, but would love to attend a taping of Oprah, just once.

Loves dancing of any kind - polka, salsa, etc, and is currently addicted to Zumba.


Katie O.

Waiver Case Manager

Fun facts about Laura:

Loves spending time outdoors fishing, roasting marshmallows & at county fairs with demolition derbies.

Spends most of her evenings working out at the gym or renting movies.

Has a collection of baking sprinkles.

Can always be seen snacking on something.

Has tried out for America's Next Top Model.


Laura S.
Case Manager

Fun facts about Kristen:

Directed the Vagina Monolouges in college; "It was one of the best experiences of my life!"

Always wanted an El Camino, and one day, when she doesn't have to drive so far, she hopes to buy one.

Used to be able to impersonate Woody the Woodpecker.

A Scone and good cup of coffee are her favorite pairing of food and drink.

Wanted to be a writer when she was little and even won a Young Author's award.  She majored in creative writing-poetry in college but hasn't written creatively since!

Kristen T.

Project Manager, Special Projects



Community Engagement and Development

Prevention Services