Guidelines for Special Events, Benefits or Promotions

As a proud member of the United Way, from the day after Labor Day through October 31 we do not participate in Third Party Events or other fundraising events.

We fully support the United Way Campaign and it is our goal to assist in their fundraising during the campaign period.

If you have an opportunity to contribute to United Way, please do, as that gift helps many, many people.


Thank you for your interest in benefiting Saint Louis Effort for AIDS (EFA).  Donations to EFA are an important vehicle in advancing our mission of providing education on prevention of HIV infection and comprehensive support services to those affected by HIV/AIDS.  Below are some guidelines we hope will help you with some details of event planning and introduce you to some useful ideas for managing your fundraising event.

While we are able to provide guidance for your event, we do not have the personnel to handle administrative tasks of third party events.  These tasks may include distributing invitations, compiling RSVP's, or selling tickets.  Our By-Laws do not allow us to let others use our 501 (c) 3 status.


Some thoughts before you get started...

  • As responsible stewards of public funds, our mandate is to keep expenses to 25% of gross.  The expectation of any third party that organizes an event to benefit Saint Louis Effort for AIDS is that expenses will be kept to 25% of gross revenue.  Exceptions may be made for first-year events and on a case-by-case basis.
  • We also want to ensure that your event runs as smoothly and safely as possible.  You are required to obtain all the necessary permits and insurance for your event and for the specific event location.  The following entities must be added as additional insured on the liability policy for the event:

Saint Louis Effort for AIDS

1027 S. Vandeventer #700

St. Louis, MO 63110

  • If you are planning a sporting event, you must require all participants to sign a waiver/release.
  • Any item(s) you are planning to sell as a fundraiser for Saint Louis Effort for AIDS must be non-controversial in nature.  As part of good fundraising practices, we require that the public be informed of the specific dollar amount, or the percentage of the sale that will be donated to Saint Louis Effort for AIDS.
  • As an organizer of this event, you should be prepared to initiate publicity for this event and commit the necessary funds.


Some other ideas to keep in mind...

  • A third party must request written permission to use Saint Louis Effort for AIDS name and/or logo, and complete the Application for Special Events, Benefits or Promotions.  All references to Saint Louis Effort for AIDS in publicity and promotional materials, on tickets, invitations, etc. should say and use the following case format:

Saint Louis Effort for AIDS


    Click Here for a printable Application Form


  • All promotional material related to an event benefiting Saint Louis Effort for AIDS must be reviewed and approved by EFA prior to its production and distribution.  This includes, but is not limited to, invitations, press releases, newspaper or newsletter articles, merchandise, etc.
  • Should assistance be needed in creating materials, at least 10 days notice needs to be given to the Saint Louis Effort for AIDS Marketing and Events Manager.
  • Saint Louis Effort for AIDS negotiates with many different financial underwriters and sponsors for our own events.  We require that you inform us of any sponsors you have, or any efforts made to recruit financial underwriters/sponsors.  This will ensure that there is not duplication of efforts when it comes to working on financial underwriting and sponsorships.
  • As an organizer of this event, you are responsible for complying with IRS regulations regarding the event.  IRS regulations governing charitable deductions are quite specific and Saint Louis Effort for AIDS can provide some information and guidance.


When it comes time to make your donation...

  • Please have participants make checks payable to the organization that is holding the event.  Organizers of third party events specifically may not offer underwriters or donors the option of writing checks to Saint louis Effort for AIDS for tax purposes.
  • In order to fulfill our own accounting requirements, we request that you provide us the event proceeds and details of the accounting within 20 days after the conclusion of the special event.
  • Our policy is to acknowledge checks of $10 or more to Saint Louis Effort for AIDS.  We also like to acknowledge the reason for the donation.  This may not be possible if we receive checks without an explanation of their purpose.  In order to properly account for all donations, we ask that you send us only one check made out to Saint Louis Effort for AIDS.  If the donation is coming from several donors, please provide us with an electronic spreadsheet that includes the donor names, addresses, amount of donation and check number.

We appreciate your event contributions to Saint Louis Effort for AIDS.  Third party events are a growing part of our total revenue.  On behalf of our clients and the services that we are able to fund with donations such as yours, thank you so very much!